Nothing to hide

nezávislý dokument, který se zabývá sledováním a jeho přijetí veřejností prostřednictvím argumentu „Nemám co skrývat“.

Creative Commons release (Oct. 2017)
Foreword: The film is released on the Internet for free. Its production though has a cost, feel free to make a donation if you want to support the film:
About the Creative Commons license:
The license Creative Commons – Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) allows you:
– to watch and share the film for free in four languages (English, French, German, Spanish) if you give credit to the authors and share the link of the website (
– to organize a public screening without paying any royalties as long as the entrance to the screening is free and open to everyone.
– For commercial screenings (with entrance fee, yearly fee or restricted to certain audiences, i.e. conferences) and for broadcasting, contact the authors on the website (
– You are invited to make a donation to contribute paying the production of the film and its upcoming follow-up.